Hey, I'm Mark.

I'm an editor and cinematographer based out of New York City.

Right now, there's a good chance that I'm doing one of two things...





And I love every second of it. 


"Mark is the perfect type of person to have on your creative team.  He has high technical ability in the field and a unique eye for visuals, while also utilizing a vast knowledge of cameras, lenses and equipment. 

He can pre-produce, creative direct, senior edit and color - so to find someone who understands all ends of the production stream is an enormous asset. 

Mark makes everything easier, more fun and they take initiative with the creative, coming up with and executing their own ideas."

James Joliat - Owner of Zerosun Creative


“Mark dove into this project head-first and could not have been a bigger pro. He helped film and edit five videos that were shown in front of an audience of nearly 1,000 people at our annual Gala. Over the course of two months, Mark and a crew traveled to five cities and spent three days in each, interviewing educators, administrators, students, and community leaders. They also filmed roughly one million hours of footage, if my memory serves me correctly (and it usually does). It was obvious from the get-go that Mark truly cared about the work he was doing and was excited to have such an important role in a massive project. Working with him was an absolute joy!”

Jesse Graytock - The NEA Foundation

Rare footage of me in front of the camera.

Rare footage of me in front of the camera.

In junior high I broke my leg while I was skateboarding, and that changed everything.

I would show you the footage, but my friend recorded over it when we got to the hospital. This was right after he shut the car door on my finger while my friends were helping me get into the E.R. Ouch!

Growing up I was an active kid, so being forced to lay in bed all day was really boring. To pass the time I began filming and editing videos of my friends skateboarding. I would hobble along on my crutches as they would zoom around on their boards. I became obsessed with finding the best perfect angle to get the best shot, and I would come home and edit until my parents told me to go to  bed.

Little did I know I would become completely obsessed with filming and editing and telling stories.

That passion led me to where I am today. 


To bring you up to speed, here are a few highlights that have happened since:

  • Graduated film school in Denver, CO and was immediately hired by Zerosun Creative by bringing them in a $16,000 client.

  • Learned how to promote and market a YouTube channel which gained over 310,000+ lifetime views. At one point we were getting calls several times a week from fans members asking to be on our show!

  • Traveled all across North America filming and editing everything from a documentary on a sustainable housing project on an Indian reservation to commercials for IBM

  • Invested thousands of my own dollars in furthering my education and skill set after college in books, online courses, and seminars to develop my skills as a creative. Currently I am teaching myself color grading in DaVinci Resolve.

  • Flown and filmed all across the USA directing documentary shoots for award winning teachers. The client liked our work so much they invited us to the gala!
  • And a whole bunch more.

Check out some of the images from my journey! 

Give donors, stake holders, and potential clients a reason to invest in your service 

Our work on the big screen!

Our work on the big screen!

A few weeks ago I attended a gala in Washington D.C. as a guest to see my work featured in front of 900+ people. My friends and I had worked hard on producing 5 documentary style videos over the past 6 months.

I was a bit nervous about having them shown in front of an audience (typical creative, right?)

But the response was amazing. The audience absolutely loved the videos!

The next day I even got an email from the nonprofit we did the videos for:

"Thank you again for the powerful, funny, and emotional videos you produced. They informed and inspired our guests, potential donors, educator leaders, educators, and their family and friends in ways that few will forget. This weekend, I hope you will bask in the glow of a flawless celebration and the fact that 43 educators feel like the superstars they are."

This is the power of video. 

I'm a very relaxed and easy going guy, but I take what I do very seriously. I'm competitive by nature and I strive to put out the best work and improve on every project. 

I eat, sleep, and breath storytelling and video and I'm ready to help you bring your story to life.

"We needed a videographer to film an event and deliver a finished product on a tight timeline. Based on a recommendation and after reviewing his portfolio, we hired Mark on short notice. He exceeded our expectations. He arrived at the location early to set up, needed little direction at the event, and was extremely professional during the shoot and throughout post-production. In the end, he delivered exactly what we we were looking for on schedule and on budget. We're keeping his name at the top of our list for future projects."

                                                                                        Tamera G - Doctors of the World USA

"Mark helped us create a video for Purple Door Coffee in 2013 that we still get value out of everyday.

Not only did the Huffington Post pick it up and feature the video on their site, I use it for speaking engagements at schools, churches, and social enterprise events. The video presents our message in a compelling way and instantly hooks the audience. This allows me to talk about whatever I have been asked to talk about sooner, and have a deeper connection with the audience."

Mark Smesrud - Owner of Purple Door Coffee


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