Does this sound familiar?

You’re sitting in your office late at night.

It’s crunch time and you have a video to get out to a client.

You’ve exhausted all your favors you can ask to your friends and colleagues.

You’ve tried sitting down and doing it yourself but you have a million other projects to manage, and you know it takes time and passion to make a good documentary. And right now you don’t have time.

You’re thinking, “I wish we had someone here we could trust who could get this done on time. And would it be so hard to ask for some passion in the project? Those types of editors always put out the best work anyway.?”

Well, you’re in luck. ; )


My name is Mark Belden and I am completely obsessed with editing documentaries and promo videos.

I’m looking for a new opportunity to help grow and put out jaw-dropping documentary films with a team of passionate filmmakers.

Like a good movie trailer, allow me to share a few ways I can help your company put out some bangers.

Let’s begin.


Here are 3 reasons why I'm worth giving a call or grabbing coffee with to see if we're a good fit.

1. I Thrive Under Pressure.

At the start of the year Derek Halpern and I had the crazy idea of putting out a daily vlog. We already had a lot going on at Truvani (a health product company that I did all their videos for. More on this later.) so doing something like this was completely insane.

So, we did it.

We put out a video every day for 90 days. On top of that, I would cut 1-minute trailers to promote on social media every day along with keeping up with the video content for Truvani. Often times we would work 12 hour days. I loved it.

2. I constantly look for ways to help the team grow

I come from a small business / startup background where I learned early in my career that it’s my job to help add value to the company if I want to continue to grow (and get paid.)

Let me give you an example:

In between our monthly product launches at Truvani we would experience a lull in intensity.

During this time I would reverse engineer ads that had performed well in our niche. I did this by storyboarding the ads out, and breaking the videos down into their 3-act structures.

By dissecting these ads I was able to learn how to improve our content and also create ads that were wildly successful. My most successful ad was the protein powder taste video.

Here’s another example:

Screen Shot 2018-09-09 at 2.28.38 PM.png

After each project, I did a recap to see how we could improve the next video. I made note of  everything from where time was wasted on set and in the edit, to how we could be more efficient and write better scripts.

One way I helped out was is I wrote a guide for our copywriting team on how to write scripts for sales videos. This helped improve our quality of product dramatically.




3. I’m constantly learning and looking for ways to become a better editor.

Before work and on weekends I watch and study courses on how to become a better editor. I have memberships to several course sites likes,,, as well as countless Youtube Channels focused on editing as well as books.

My favorite course I took recently was how to edit movie trailers. I used the techniques from the course to edit an “About Us” video for the Careers page on

I’ve learned that the documentary world doesn’t always allow for the time or budget to send the film out to a professional colorist or sound studio, so I’ve studied sound and color correction to be able to improve the level of product.

I love to problem solve. One of the many roles of the editor is to be a technician (nerd). I consider the mix of codecs, aspect ratios, and unexpected software crashes apart of the editing process. It’s as if the editing gods from above want to send out a test to see if you really want to finish the project ; )

Does it sound like we're a good fit?

Email me at and let's get chat!