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EDITOR  2016

Edited a range of content from promotional, short documentary, and movie trailer projects from start to finish. Examples on website.


Zerosun Creative

ASSISTANT CAMERA - 2012 - 2015

Coordinated and conducted 100+ interviews for documentary-style promotional videos. 

Shot in fast paced environments where I was required to shoot and produce short videos in the same day. Examples and details on my website.

Traveled all over the country for event and documentary videos using everything from DSLRs to RED Dragon.

EDITOR - 2012 - 2015

Took hours of interview footage, graphic assets, 50+ broll shots and assembled into a compelling, narrative driven video. Examples on my website.

Listened to editorial feedback from clients and worked as a team to ensure the video was both aligned with their mission and aesthetically pleasing.


The GoGo Life


EDITOR / DESIGNER - 2013-2014

Designed, branded, and managed YouTube channel with over 280,000 lifetime views.

CONTENT MANAGER -  2013-2014

Did personal outreach to audience members for feedback on improving the show. Examples and details on my website.

Created video and advertising packages to increase audience awareness.

Associates in Video Production, 2012.

Coursework included; scriptwriting and storytelling, documentary production, contracts and negotiation, and levels 1-3 of both audio and video production and editing.


The Art Institute of Colorado